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SmartAdmin - PHP 7 Responsive WebApp

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SmartAdmin - PHP 7 Responsive WebApp

SmartAdmin PHP Flavor – is an extension of the original SmartAdmin - WebApp that you are most likely familiar with – It contains all the neat packages and plugins of the original HTML Flavor with added advanced API's and features to support the PHP community.

PHP Features

  • Modern PHP - SmartAdmin PHP is built for modern PHP folks. Uses composer dependency manager and supports PHP 7.1 and later. Uncompromising security and performance, guaranteed!
  • Built-in Authentication - SmartAdmin PHP comes with a built-in Authentication routine. Built with best practices and industry standard flow.
  • Built-in REST API Server - SmartAdmin PHP comes with a built-in REST API server. You can setup your own REST server in minutes.
  • Table Component - Gone were the days where you have to loop through your data to generate your table! SmartAdmin PHP comes with a PHP plugin that you can put in your data and a line of code generates a table for you!.
  • Bootstrap Components - Few bootstrap components that are written exclusively for SmartAdmin PHP. Generate HTML elements via PHP with the simple API that you can easily configure.
  • Database (models) - Wrapped around PHP PDO, the recommended interface to access your database, PHP Models lets you design your objects and models with ease. Comes with useful APIs that allows you to easily CRUD your data -- more PHP, less SQL queries.
  • Actively Maintained - We always add new features to this package. Requests and feedback are always welcome!
  • Community Support Forum – By purchasing a copy, you become part of a large community base, SmartAdmin was first released in 2014, we have a strong community and many contributors who are always eager to help on our Support Forum.
What is SmartAdmin? – SmartAdmin is an advanced UI Bootstrap 4 Admin and Dashboard – crafted to be one of a kind. Its’ exceptional design contains vast collection of assorted reusable UI components integrated with latest jQuery plugins optimized to suit every modern web application project worldwide.

Base Features:

  • Comes with the latest Bootstrap 4.x UI Toolkit and all its improved features
  • Futuristic design and UI concept
  • Over 35 Layout Variations and 285 layout combinations . Mix and match layout options to create endless possibilities
  • Change few variables to generate your unique skin
  • Layout settings are automatically stored to localStorage. You can also push these settings to your database
  • Documentation, well descriptive codes, and email support are included
  • All bootstrap components have been modified using 'non-destructive' method. You can change every aspect of the theme using variables.
  • The theme also features unique custom components that work flawlessly with bootstrap's core components.
  • All fonts and components uses REM values as opposed vs the PX outdated value. REM values gives you better control over your app's responsive behavior
  • Comes with over 2500+ premium Icons. FontAwesome Pro 5, a whopping $35 value, included with your purchase
  • Create your own stack icons with our built-in unique Icon Generator
  • The Table Generator provides you with an option to generate your unique table style.
  • All plugins are detachable. The plugins are separated based on importance and is not hard-coded to its core. Please see plugins page for more details.
  • i18n ready. The plugin is lazy-loaded using ajax to pull in any local files.
  • It has a heart and it beats. SmartAdmin comes with its own app.config.js file which can be customize to your fitting.
  • Supports the latest version of Datatables.
  • Added in our very own customized Datatable Alt-Editor
  • Supports all the latest chart plugins available on the market. All our Chart libraries are MIT based: FlotChart.jsChartist.jsC3 ChartsPeitySparklineEasy Pie Chart, and Dygraphs
  • Exclusive SmartPanel plugin lets you drag and drop panel position, change color, change state, refresh panels and a lot more, while utilizing localStorage to save all changes.
  • Many page views, we will update continuously
  • All pages are print friendly
  • Free updates for the life of the theme

Theme Layout settings:

  • Fixed Header
  • Fixed Navigation
  • Minify Navigation
  • Hide Navigation
  • Top Navigation (no dom changes required)
  • Boxed Layout
  • Bigger Content Font
  • High Contrast Text (WCAG 2 AA)
  • Daltonism (color vision deficiency)
  • Preloader Inside
  • Push Content (mobile only)
  • No Overlay (mobile only)
  • Off-Canvas (mobile only)
  • Clean Page Background
  • Hide Navigation Icons
  • Disable CSS Animation
  • Hide Info Card
  • Hierarchical Navigation

Current package contents

  • PHP Seed
  • PHP Full Project
Be smart in 2020 and go with SmartAdmin. It's Okay to be Smart!

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